vrijdag 3 juli 2015

Anam Cara

Anam Cara.....Soulfriend.

My Anam Cara, My Soul friend.
My companion whom I have connected and bonded
Ours souls have entwined, our lives linked.
Our two souls flow together, as one,
Our lives now shared.

My Anam Cara, My Soul friend.
You accept me as I am,
My faults, my beauty, my light shines clear.
I too accept you as you are, as you will be,
As you were meant to be seen, radiant.

My Anam Cara, My Soul friend.
Our bond cuts across time and space,
Our tie cuts all conventions.
We are bound in an ancient and eternal way.
Your divine light flows to me and mine to you.

My Anam Cara, My Soul friend.
All my barriers are down, my protective walls collapse.
I have given you permission to know my inner most fears,
Desires and dreams.
You have shown me your most sacred place, your heart.

My Anam Cara, My Soul friend.
We are bound so that our friendship,
Has it own blessed space, indissoluble.
No interval of time or space can sever
Or destroy what even death cannot part.


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